dimanche 7 octobre 2018

A completed archers unit

I posted photos of the standard bearer and troopers, but now it's done !

24 of them. I've got 24 more already painted some time ago, in a slighty different style. Pictures will follow.

As always, a mixture of several brands, old and new. I think they mix great !

mercredi 18 juillet 2018

Goblin warrior

Another goblin warrior from the excellent Greenskins Wars range.

This time, the recipe for the shield :

- Black undercoat

- Green part : GW deathworld green for the base, highlighted with VGC bone 

- Yellow part : VMC beige brown for the base, VMC japanese uniform as a second base, leaving brown in the recesses, highlighted with VGC bone

-Teeth : GW foundation charadon granite for the base, highlighted with white

mardi 26 juin 2018

The angry butcher's recipes

I give you the recipes I used for this goblin. I will try, a next time, to go for a full tutorial.

The Angry Butcher

Started with a black undercoat and painting the base (will come back later on the bases if you wish).

  • base GW elysian green
  • wash AP strong tone
  • 1st highlight GW elisian green + VMC flat yellow
  • 2nd highlight by mixing VGC bone to the 1st highlight
  • 3rd highlight VGC bone
  • GW red wash in the recesses (and the lip)
Tunic - white part
  • base GW denheb stone
  • wash AP strong tone (x 2)
  • 1st highlight GW denheb stone + VGC bone
  • 2nd highlight VGC bone
Tunic - blue part
  • base VGC dark grey
  • wash AP strong tone
  • 1st highlight VGC dark grey VGC bone
  • 2nd highlight by mixing white to the 1st highlight
  • base VGC cobra leather
  • wash AP strong tone
  • 1st highlight VGC cobra leather VGC bone
  • 2nd highlight by mixing more VGC bone to the 1st highlight
Belt buckle
  • base VMC bronze
  • wash AP strong tone
  • 1st highlight VMC bronze + GW shining gold
  • 2nd highlight GW shining gold
  • 3rd highlight VGCAir silver
  • base VGCAir silver
  • wash AP strong tone (x 2)
  • wash AP dark tone (x 2) in the recesses

More goblins to come !

jeudi 12 avril 2018


Goblins Stickas, I've got a big bunch of them, from Citadel, Marauder, Heartbreaker...

...And from Greenskin Wars, producing new miniatures, most of the range is sculpted by Kev Adams, as you already know surely. There's a new project going on Kickstarter :

samedi 24 mars 2018

It's just, a little CRUSH

Another masterpiece from the Goblin Master, the Skull Crusher ! It is a very powerful and fearsome war machine, the true treasure of the Broken Nose Tribe.

Once again, I did some pretty simple bases, maybe I'll add some bushes later.

I tried to stick to the original scheme for the trebuchet, with worn metal and aging wood. Really fun to paint, with all those twisted faces. Easy to imagine them talking to the crew !

The original version :


samedi 24 février 2018

Spit out the lead

One of my favorites, the iconic Lead Belcher ! An emblematic weapon of the infamous broken nose tribe.
Had a great time painting this great machine and the crew.

The original version, designed and painted by Kevin Adams, is a true piece of art :