jeudi 12 avril 2018


Goblins Stickas, I've got a big bunch of them, from Citadel, Marauder, Heartbreaker...

...And from Greenskin Wars, producing new miniatures, most of the range is sculpted by Kev Adams, as you already know surely. There's a new project going on Kickstarter :

samedi 24 mars 2018

It's just, a little CRUSH

Another masterpiece from the Goblin Master, the Skull Crusher ! It is a very powerful and fearsome war machine, the true treasure of the Broken Nose Tribe.

Once again, I did some pretty simple bases, maybe I'll add some bushes later.

I tried to stick to the original scheme for the trebuchet, with worn metal and aging wood. Really fun to paint, with all those twisted faces. Easy to imagine them talking to the crew !

The original version :

samedi 24 février 2018

Spit out the lead

One of my favorites, the iconic Lead Belcher ! An emblematic weapon of the infamous broken nose tribe.
Had a great time painting this great machine and the crew.

The original version, designed and painted by Kevin Adams, is a true piece of art :

mercredi 10 janvier 2018

More Dwarves

Another part of my army, dwarves with crossbows. And (again) creepy bases.

Pictures taken using my first purchase of the year, a foldable and cheap light box. Very useful.

lundi 18 décembre 2017

Old stuff : Dwarves !

Now, let's go back to dwarves. Painted some years ago, Bugman's rangers and miners.

As you can see, their bases should be redone. Maybe there will be an operation "pimp my dwarves" for 2018 :)

Miners, more recent. Bases are ok !

The boss, from the famous Dwarf Lords of legend box

I've got more dwarves, painted many, many years ago. They need an upgrade !

mardi 5 décembre 2017

Green and mean

Ok, let’s start with some (not so freshly) painted hobgoblins from the well known C36 serie.
I really like them, they look like they’re from a « you are the hero » book !

A hobhound and his master.

I must take pictures of the regiment (20 guys). Soon !

dimanche 3 décembre 2017

Back from the dead

First post !

Welcome back to the Venom's den. Soon (I hope), this place will be filled with lots of pictures of my ongoing warhammer projects (Broken Nose Tribe, Dwarfs Army, Empire Army), also with some old stuff from the first blog (RPG miniatures, Fenryll years...)

Stay tunned !