samedi 29 février 2020

Goblin fanatics

The interlude continues with 2 goblin fanatics :)
The first one is a very old model, from the C27 serie (image from The Stuff of Legends -

I am satisfied with the yellow on the second one. Here's the recipe.

- Base with GW foundation Iyanden Darksun
- Shading with AP strong tone wash, or GW Agrax earthshade wash
- First highlights by adding VMC flat yellow to the base
- Further highlights by adding VGC bone to the mix, and then adding white

vendredi 21 février 2020

Doom Goblin Shaman

A short interlude before starting a more ambitious project. Here is the Doom Goblin Shaman.

A new skin recipe has been tried :

- Base : GW Castellan green
- First highlightings by adding GW Ogryn camo
- Further highlightings by adding VMC Ivory
- Shading with GW Reikland flesh shade

The model, a beautiful sculpture, is available here :

lundi 3 février 2020

Goblin Wolf Riders

And here they are, the goblin wolf riders !

It is a mixture of the citadel and marauder ranges. Many different models, I am far from having them all ...

Some recipes for different wolf furs :

- Base VGC beasty brown
- Highlight with VGC plague brown
- 2nd highlight with VMC amarillo caqui
- Last highlight with white

-  Base VMC dark grey
- Highlight with VGC sombre grey
- 2nd highlight with VGC wolf grey
- Last highlight with white

- Base VMC english uniform
- Highlight with VMC amarillo caqui
- 2nd highlight with VGC bone
- Last highlight with white

- Base GW dheneb stone 
- Highlight with VGC bone
- 2nd highlight with white
- Wash with AP strong tone
- Wash with dark tone

I finished my pot of dheneb stone :-( While waiting to find a real alternative, I replace it with VGC khaki.

- Base VMC stone grey
- Highlight with white

Next on the painting table, preparation of a goblin war chariot ...

jeudi 12 décembre 2019

All things smelly and speedy : Trolls and goblins wolf riders !

My troll unit features Citadel (C20) and Marauder (MM40) models.

In my opinion, they remain among the best ever sculpted.

Second row photo :

Some close-ups :

And some paint recipes for their skin.

Main skin

- Base : a mix of Elysian green (GW), Flat yellow (VMC), Livery green (VGC), Bone (VGC) and White.
- Several highlights by adding a mix of Livery green, Flat yellow and White
- Shadows with Soft tone wash (AP), and Baal red (GW) for nose and ears for example
- Sometimes some areas are nuanced with a mix of Yellow ink (GW) and Athonian camoshade (GW)
- A small wash of Blue ink (GW) under the eyes, and Skin wash (VGC) on the lips

Belly skin

- Base : Death world forest (GW)
- Highlights by adding more and more Bone (VGC)

I started a unit of Goblins Wolf Riders, also old but still beautiful models. I think I'm going to retouch the "club head" with a much lighter tone.

These two units bring speed and strength to the army, which should also include many war chariots...

jeudi 3 octobre 2019

Iron orcs's banner

Another article on the banners, this one is the standard bearer of the iron orcs.
Different from those of the goblins, because here the banner is "solid", part of the sculpture.

Before and after adding the symbol.

This wonderful miniature is available on the Knightmare miniatures site :

samedi 21 septembre 2019

Goblins Banners

Almost a year without an article, shame ! I have a lot of progress on the goblins. I present here the banners.

This image is taken from the gamebook serie "sorcery !"

This one comes from the Orcs and Goblins Warhammer V4 Army Book.

For the colors of the bottom of the banner, with very diluted hues :

- Base : VGC bone

- In the corners : color gradient starting with VGC beasty brown, then VGC beasty brown + Black.

- On some transitions : VGC Cobra leather

- Spots : AP strong tone + GW Baal red wash, for a reddish brown

You will find all the techniques on the fabulous site of Nico :