samedi 10 octobre 2020


One of the most emblematic units of the goblins army : the battle chariot !

All the details are on the essential site "the stuff of legend" : 

I believe it is the first box "Regiments of renown / Machineries of Destruction" that I had, a gift of about thirty years ago. I was lucky some years ago to find another mint box on ebay, when prices weren't crazy.

I started this war chariot at the beginning of the year then the health crisis was a long painting break for me.

Then I resumed painting by finishing (?) the regiments of goblins. It was time to get back to this one. Knowing that I would like to paint at least 2 more. I also have a snotling pump wagon to paint. Enough to constitute a force composed only of everything that gallops !

A small focus on the shield

  • Shield
-  Shapping the forms with a mix of VMC military green and VMC ivory
-  Higlighting by adding more and more VMC ivory
-  Some shading with washes of VGC beasty brown and GW reikland flesh wash

I think soon (well, not so soon...) to alternate the painting of the goblins with other army projects.
Some clues about upcoming projects :-)

jeudi 10 septembre 2020

Goblin regiments

Full army photos are very difficult to take.

In the meantime, some photos of regiments, somewhat finalized.

Not very innovative, another standard drawn from illustrations from a book in the "Sorcery!" series.

Not entirely convinced by this standard (from orcs & goblins army book), to replace perhaps.

samedi 5 septembre 2020

Ratling Gun

Something different this time, with ratmen.

Painted in 2006 (time goes by !) for a friend.

lundi 31 août 2020

Army boss

Here is the big boss of my army of goblins, of the brand knightmare games.

For the cape, I used the same colors as for the banners :)

mercredi 19 août 2020

Archers staff


Not much painting at the moment. I finalize the last regiments of goblins before finally taking some army photos.

This musician and this champion will join the archers,
remains the standard bearer to do.

lundi 6 juillet 2020

End of brush containment

First article since the end of containment...

I was not at home, so it was a long hiatus for painting, but, more important, still in good health.
I needed something simple to restart, so more goblins seemed an obious choice... :)

 A very old model from the C12 Citadel serie.

Another one from the Marauder MM30 serie.

A last one from the Night Goblins range.

However, it feeled almost like a fresh start ! And I wanted to try a new recipe for goblin skin (I know, ANOTHER one).

Undercoat : black
Base : Citadel air ogryn camo
Shading with Citadel agrax earthshade wash
Highligtings by adding Vallejo model air white to the base
Shading and softing transitions with Citadel reikland fleshshade wash

samedi 29 février 2020

Goblin fanatics

The interlude continues with 2 goblin fanatics :)
The first one is a very old model, from the C27 serie (image from The Stuff of Legends -

I am satisfied with the yellow on the second one. Here's the recipe.

- Base with GW foundation Iyanden Darksun
- Shading with AP strong tone wash, or GW Agrax earthshade wash
- First highlights by adding VMC flat yellow to the base
- Further highlights by adding VGC bone to the mix, and then adding white