jeudi 12 décembre 2019

All things smelly and speedy : Trolls and goblins wolf riders !

My troll unit features Citadel (C20) and Marauder (MM40) models.

In my opinion, they remain among the best ever sculpted.

Second row photo :

Some close-ups :

And some paint recipes for their skin.

Main skin

- Base : a mix of Elysian green (GW), Flat yellow (VMC), Livery green (VGC), Bone (VGC) and White.
- Several highlights by adding a mix of Livery green, Flat yellow and White
- Shadows with Soft tone wash (AP), and Baal red (GW) for nose and ears for example
- Sometimes some areas are nuanced with a mix of Yellow ink (GW) and Athonian camoshade (GW)
- A small wash of Blue ink (GW) under the eyes, and Skin wash (VGC) on the lips

Belly skin

- Base : Death world forest (GW)
- Highlights by adding more and more Bone (VGC)

I started a unit of Goblins Wolf Riders, also old but still beautiful models. I think I'm going to retouch the "club head" with a much lighter tone.

These two units bring speed and strength to the army, which should also include many war chariots...

6 commentaires:

  1. Tes trolls sont magnifiques. Super boulot, bravo ! (et merci pour les mélanges)

    1. Merci ☺️ je me suis fais plaisir sur les trolls !

  2. Le gob avec la massue c'est une figurine que j'adore 😄😄 tres bon article !

    1. Merci Nico ! J'aime bien aussi ce modèle, j'en ai 3 exemplaires 😂

  3. Wow! The trolls are really nice, great colour scheme with the pale bellies - make the warts really pop out.