lundi 3 février 2020

Goblin Wolf Riders

And here they are, the goblin wolf riders !

It is a mixture of the citadel and marauder ranges. Many different models, I am far from having them all ...

Some recipes for different wolf furs :

- Base VGC beasty brown
- Highlight with VGC plague brown
- 2nd highlight with VMC amarillo caqui
- Last highlight with white

-  Base VMC dark grey
- Highlight with VGC sombre grey
- 2nd highlight with VGC wolf grey
- Last highlight with white

- Base VMC english uniform
- Highlight with VMC amarillo caqui
- 2nd highlight with VGC bone
- Last highlight with white

- Base GW dheneb stone 
- Highlight with VGC bone
- 2nd highlight with white
- Wash with AP strong tone
- Wash with dark tone

I finished my pot of dheneb stone :-( While waiting to find a real alternative, I replace it with VGC khaki.

- Base VMC stone grey
- Highlight with white

Next on the painting table, preparation of a goblin war chariot ...

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