samedi 10 octobre 2020


One of the most emblematic units of the goblins army : the battle chariot !

All the details are on the essential site "the stuff of legend" : 

I believe it is the first box "Regiments of renown / Machineries of Destruction" that I had, a gift of about thirty years ago. I was lucky some years ago to find another mint box on ebay, when prices weren't crazy.

I started this war chariot at the beginning of the year then the health crisis was a long painting break for me.

Then I resumed painting by finishing (?) the regiments of goblins. It was time to get back to this one. Knowing that I would like to paint at least 2 more. I also have a snotling pump wagon to paint. Enough to constitute a force composed only of everything that gallops !

A small focus on the shield

  • Shield
-  Shapping the forms with a mix of VMC military green and VMC ivory
-  Higlighting by adding more and more VMC ivory
-  Some shading with washes of VGC beasty brown and GW reikland flesh wash

I think soon (well, not so soon...) to alternate the painting of the goblins with other army projects.
Some clues about upcoming projects :-)

8 commentaires:

  1. Une armée de vikings morts-vivants ?
    En tout cas, belle pièce, tout est net, lisible, de la belle ouvrage monsieur !

    1. Merci Monsieur :) Bien vu, il y aura une armée de Norsca, et une de morts vivants (principalement des squelettes).

  2. Awesome work! I had this very same chariot back in the 90s, painted in enamel colours :-) Unfortunately I sold most of my old citadel stuff years ago on ebay. The shield is a work of art!

    1. Thank you ! Ha, the dreaded enamel :) Fortunaly, I kept most of my old collection. I think maybe I'll do more if this kind of shield, for a next project !

  3. So gorgeous!! this is one of the coolest figures Ive seen recently

    1. Many thanks :) Even unpainted, the model is super cool !